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    The ABC Stew

    Pick a lettered vegetable from the boiling stew.


    Reach in and pull out a lettered rabbit from the black "magic" hat

    The Alphabet's In My Mouth

    Reinforces letter identification and letter sound!

    The Batman Theme

    Learn lower-case letters with the tune to Batman.

    Black Bear

    A flannel board activity to match uppercase letters to lowercase letters

    Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom

    Flannel board activity that goes with the popular story by Bill Martin Jr.

    Circus Train

    Hop aboard the circus train to learn lower case letters a-z. Comes with drawstring bag.

    Five Little Letters

    A flannel board activity that reinforces learning lower-case letters a - z.

    Fish Bowl

    Pick a fish from the fish bowl. Reinforces lower case letters. Comes with drawstring bag.

    The Gingerbread Match

    A fun alphabet activity to reinforce letter recognition, and matching upper to lower-case letters.

    Going on a Letter Hunt

    Reinforces letter and sound recognition

    Green Eggs and Ham

    Recreate "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. Reinforces upper and lower case letter recognition Aa-Zz. Comes with drawstring bag for storage. (book is not included)

    Here Comes the Alphabet Train!

    Flannel board activity and song that teaches letters A-Z.

    Letter Acorns

    A flannel board activity to reinforce lower case letters.

    The Letter Garden

    Have fun in the garden learning your ABCs.

    Letter Shirts

    Flannel board activity to learn lower-case letters and their sounds.

    The Letter Tree

    A bag full of monkeys with a tree to help reinforce lower case letters.

    My Letter Friends

    A flannel board activity to reinforce letters and sounds a-z. Comes with drawstring bag and the tune is 'Addams Family.

    Lost My Partner

    A western theme that matches upper and lowwer case letters.

    Old McDonald Had an Alphabet

    Flannel farm animals which reinforces letter sounds and recognition

    Seven Little Letters

    A flannel activity/song to reinforce letter sounds.

    Some Children Went to Sea (Letters)

    Flannel board activity which reinforces letters A-Z

    There's a Letter on the Spider

    A year-long flannel board activity to help identify lower-case letters a - z.

    Those Sounds

    Reinforces letter sounds and recognition

    Where Are All the Letters?

    Flannel board activity/song with 26 letters and drawstring bag

    Who Let the Letters Out?

    Reinforces letter identification and letter sounds

    This Letter On the Bus

    Flannel board activity that is sung to the tune "The Wheels on the Bus"

    The Little Old Woman Who Swallowed A Letter

    Have fun with the old woman swallowing lower case letters and making their sounds. Also available for I Know An Old Woman Who ....
    Upper Case Letters $23.95 ....
    Numbers 0-25 $23.95 ....
    Sight Words $23.95 (36 blank foam popcorn to write your own sight words)

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