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    100 Days of School

    Help celebrate 100 days of school by counting by 10's to 100

    Beaver Calls

    Ordering/recognizing numbers 1-10. Includes Folkmanis finger beaver puppet.

    Counting By Fives

    A great counting activity

    Counting Hens

    Flannel board activity to teach numbers 1 - 10.

    Counting Puppies

    A fun counting activity to reinforce numbers 1-10. Counting forwards and backwards

    Five Little Fish

    Flannel activity that reinforces number identification and ordinal numbers.

    Five Little Hot Dogs

    A popular song and flannel board activity

    Five Little Numbers

    A number activity to reinforce numbers 0-20.

    Give Your Dog A Bone

    Comes with 100 bones in a jar, (10 different colors) a die, and 2 dog bowls. Makes a great math center. Reinforces sorting, counting, and patterning.

    The Gummy Bear Packet

    An activity to go along with the song, "The Gummy Bears."

    Gummy Worms

    A flannel board math activity to reinforce counting with quarters. Teaches the concept of money.

    I Like To Count It, Count It

    Practice counting by 1's to 20, 10's to 100, 5's to 50 and 2's to 20 with this color flannel board packet. Can be found on CD: "School Is Cool" by Shari Sloane.

    The M&M Packet

    A math activity similar to the Gummy Bear Packet. Teaches the concept of money and counting by 5's using nickels.

    Math Bats

    A math activity counting flying bats.

    Number Shirts

    Flannel board activities/song to reinforce 0-30.

    Magic Numbers

    Flannel board activities/song to reinforce number 1-20/more or less. Includesbag/wand/black hat.

    The Number Tree

    A bag full of monkeys with a tree to help reinforce numbers 0-30.

    Some Children Went to Sea (Numbers)

    A flannel board activity/song to reinforce numbers 0-10. Comes with drawstring bag.

    The Skittle Packet

    A math activity to reinforce counting by 10's using dimes. Teaches the concept of money.

    Where Are All the Shapes?

    Flannel board activity that teaches shapes

    Where Are All the Numbers?

    Flannel board activity/song with numbers 1-30 & drawstring bag

    Which Number Is Missing?

    A math activity to reinforce counting by 10's using dimes. Teaches the concept of money.

    Who Took the Number from the Number Jar?

    Reinforces numbers 1 - 30

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